Summer Beach Essentials

Hello hello! Happy hump day everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We went to the beach as you do in Florida and it was a perfect day. Being a Floridian going to the beach is something that happens quite often. I’ve grown up spending weekends at the beach or on the river so I’ve learned a few essential items to bring along the way. Check out my summer beach essentials below!

1. Sunscreen: I can’t stress the importance of this enough. When I was young I hated putting sunscreen on and would come home miserable and looking like a tomato. Now I am probably a little obsessive with it. I use the Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 70 and apply it once an hour to ensure I am protected from the sun.

2:Sunglasses: These are a must for the beach. In Florida the sun can be super harsh and can be hard on your eyes. Sunglasses are needed especially if you will be at the beach for an extended amount of time. I think Forever 21 has some of the cutest and most inexpensive sunglasses out there.

3. A cute bathing suite: Okay this might sound a little dumb but I feel like its so much easier to enjoy yourself at the beach when you have bathing suite that makes you feel good and confident about yourself. I am currently in love with the one I have on. Its from Cotton On and is also affordable. Check it out here.

4. A Book: Its so relaxing to sit on the beach and read a good book. I am currently reading the Out from Egypt series. I can’t rave enough about these books. They suck you in and you never want to stop reading.

5. Small wristlet or pouch: I usually bring an empty Ipsy bag that way I can keep my phone, wallet, and keys without them falling to the bottom of my beach bag. It makes it way easier to find.

6. Massive Beach Towel or Beach Chair: While at the beach you are going to want something to sit in beside the sand. A big beach towel works great or if you prefer a chair you can easily find an inexpensive beach chair.

7. Water: It gets extremely hot in the summer and that makes it easy to get dehydrated. So while at the beach make sure you are drinking a lot of water!



New York City

I love the city but I exspecially love the city during Christmas time. There is something that is magical about it. The crowded city streets, crazy crowds, and decorations all over the city always seem to put me in the Christmas spirit. One of my favorite parts of Christmas time in New York City is the Christmas Markets throughout the city. My absolute favorite is the Bryant Park Christmas Village. You can buy ornaments, accessories, and my personal favorite is the food. The fried pickles and Nutella Banana Crepes are my favorite. This year I went to see the Radio City Rockettes for the second time. I have loved the Rockettes since I was a little girl and I am so happy I was able to see them again. We decided to do the Top of the Rock and that never disappoints. The views from the Rockefeller Center are breathtaking. It’s my favorite view of the city.Our final night we did a NYC harbor tour, which I have never done, and loved it. The tour stops in the financial district, Brooklyn, and the Statue of Liberty. We went at sunset so we got to see the sun go down over the city and it was just beautiful.I feel really blessed to have the opportunity to go to New York. I’ve been three times in the last three years and I never get tired of this beautiful city. 

One of my new favorite places for New York style cheesecake is Eileen’s Special Cheesecake. So yummy!

We had such a great time in the city. I hope you have all had a great Thanksgiving vacation and hope you enjoyed taking a peek at mine! 

New York City Day 6: Top of the Rock, Wall Street, and Reunited with a Wonderful Friend

We started out our day by going to Top of the Rock. I had never been before so it was exciting. I have been to NYC but like I said I’ve never been to Top of the Rock, or up in any of the really tall buildings, so I never realized the magnitude of this city. It’s huge! I knew it was big but I don’t think you realize just how big until you’ve seen it from this high up.



IMG_1191.JPG After we decided to go spend some time in the Wall Street area. It was actually really relaxing just wandering around. I love the tree there. Plus I got to stop in Pret and grab a juice which is always good.


IMG_1194.JPG The final thing we had on the agenda was to meet up with a wonderful friend who lives in the city. She took us to dinner at a Thai restaurant which was super good! It was just really awesome to see her and catch up.


IMG_1199.JPG Tomorrow is our last day in the city! I will be blogging for one more day! I’ve had such a great time and hope you’ve enjoyed following me around so far! XOXO

New York City Day 4: Shopping, Brunch, Bryant Park Christmas Market, and Ellens Stardust Diner

Yet again we shopped even more today which I don’t mind at all! We hit up Topshop which I love because we don’t have one where I live. We also hit up Dash and a few other stores. It was a nice slow morning. We also did brunch at this really cool organic restaurant. I ordered a grilled cheese and it was great!



IMG_0792.JPGAfter that we went to Chinatown which I’m not a huge fan of but I thought my friends should see it because they never have. After that we headed to the Christmas market in Bryant Park. We absolutely loved it. There are tons of shops and food stands. I bought a super yummy Crêpe. The area was super busy but still a lot of fun.




IMG_0794.JPG To finish off the day my friend really wanted to go to Ellens Stardust Diner. I had never been so I was up for it. I wasn’t disappointed. The food was really good plus you sort of got a show while eating as well.

IMG_0795.JPG Hope you enjoyed reading about my NYC adventures! XOXO

New York City Day 2: Radio City Rockettes, Times Square, and Rockefeller Center

What a day its been in NYC! I feel like we have done so much. We started out our morning by seeing the Radio City Rockettes. Since I was little I always watched the Rockettes on TV with my Mimi and now I finally got to see them and it truly was spectacular.



IMG_0584.JPG After the show we were all super hungry so we headed over to Times Square and ate at Shake Shack. Then we explored and shopped for a good bit of time. I mean that’s the best thing to do in NYC.


IMG_0579.JPG The night came quick and so did dinner. We stopped at a small pizza joint and it was yummy. The last thing we did was see the Rockefeller Christmas tree. What a sight. I honestly felt like I was in a dream. Taking everything in is so surreal. The tree is breathtaking.


IMG_0578.JPG Today was such a wonderful day! I can’t wait to see what tomorrow brings. Hope you enjoyed my post! XOXO

Outfit of the Day

I love spring and I love spring fashion. I always imagine myself wearing all these bright colors during spring but I always tend to like darker colors on me. While my goal is to start wearing brighter colors tonight I found myself in all black. I had on a black tank top from H&M, dark skinny jeans from forever 21, and black booties from Topshop. I took a look in the mirror and thought to myself really it’s spring and you are in all black. So I stole this white kimono looking thing from forever 21 from my sisters closet and boom a little touch of spring. What is your favorite thing about spring?



Easter Dress: Which Will I Choose?

Easter seemed to spring up on us really quickly. Wink Wink did you get my joke? I try people. Anyways it seems like life has been so busy I haven’t had the time to shop for a dress. So off I went to the mall. I found several dresses that I really liked and it was hard to pick just one but I did it! So which do you think I chose? I guess you’ll find out on Sunday but until then take a guess.