Summer Beach Essentials

Hello hello! Happy hump day everyone! I hope you all had a wonderful Memorial Day weekend. We went to the beach as you do in Florida and it was a perfect day. Being a Floridian going to the beach is something that happens quite often. I’ve grown up spending weekends at the beach or on the river so I’ve learned a few essential items to bring along the way. Check out my summer beach essentials below!

1. Sunscreen: I can’t stress the importance of this enough. When I was young I hated putting sunscreen on and would come home miserable and looking like a tomato. Now I am probably a little obsessive with it. I use the Neutrogena Beach Defense SPF 70 and apply it once an hour to ensure I am protected from the sun.

2:Sunglasses: These are a must for the beach. In Florida the sun can be super harsh and can be hard on your eyes. Sunglasses are needed especially if you will be at the beach for an extended amount of time. I think Forever 21 has some of the cutest and most inexpensive sunglasses out there.

3. A cute bathing suite: Okay this might sound a little dumb but I feel like its so much easier to enjoy yourself at the beach when you have bathing suite that makes you feel good and confident about yourself. I am currently in love with the one I have on. Its from Cotton On and is also affordable. Check it out here.

4. A Book: Its so relaxing to sit on the beach and read a good book. I am currently reading the Out from Egypt series. I can’t rave enough about these books. They suck you in and you never want to stop reading.

5. Small wristlet or pouch: I usually bring an empty Ipsy bag that way I can keep my phone, wallet, and keys without them falling to the bottom of my beach bag. It makes it way easier to find.

6. Massive Beach Towel or Beach Chair: While at the beach you are going to want something to sit in beside the sand. A big beach towel works great or if you prefer a chair you can easily find an inexpensive beach chair.

7. Water: It gets extremely hot in the summer and that makes it easy to get dehydrated. So while at the beach make sure you are drinking a lot of water!



Summer Skincare Series: Toner

This week let’s talk Toner. I’ve only been using Toner for maybe 4 months because I never knew the why I needed it in my routine. So today I will share the benefits of it and my experience with the one I use which is the Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner. Let’s get started!

Toner comes after cleanser. Sometimes right after you cleanse your face still feels oily or unclean. That’s where toner comes in. Toner restores the PH balance in your face. It immediately helps clear and brighten your face.

I have been using the Neutrogena Alcohol Free Toner. I like this because it doesn’t strip my face or make it dry and tight. When choosing a toner always make sure it’s alcohol free. Toners with alcohol strip your face and that’s not good. You need some of the natural oils on your face. Hope you enjoyed! What’s your favorite toner? XOXO


Spotlight Review: Summer Brights Nail Polish

About two weeks ago I went on a trip to New York City. Let me tell you I shopped a whole lot. I mostly bought clothing at places we don’t have where I live in Florida such as Topshop, Brandy Melville, and a few other boutiques. I didn’t end up buying any makeup surprisingly because I felt like anything I got at Sephora or Mac there I could get here. Not sure if I’m entirely correct because I didn’t even bother to go into those stores.

Where I was staying there was a Rite Aid down the road that my friends and I went into often. We were actually pretty excited because we don’t have those. The first day we went in I looked at all the makeup products and saw nothing that my Walgreens wouldn’t have. Then I came across a bunch of Summer Brights nail polishes. This doesn’t even have a name but it’s so pretty. Mint green is one of my favorite colors for summer. This nail polish goes on smooth and drys super fast. So if you are close to a Rite Aid check out this line of nail polishes. What are your favorite nail polish colors for summer?